Stock Split Calculations


  • Why companies perform stock splits

  • Real world example of Apple’s 2014 stock split

  • How to calculate changes to account positions

SIE Exam Stories


  • The commonly covered SIE topics

  • Experiences of former test takers

  • What you should focus on when you study

Mutual Fund Breakdown

information covered

  • Mutual fund language and terminology

  • How to interpret mutual fund fact pages

  • How mutual funds work

Tutoring that WORKS! 

information covered

  • How Basic Wisdom tutoring sessions work

  • Technology needed to attend

  • My philosophy and approach to learning

Test Center Experience


  • What you need to bring

  • Test center expectations

  • How to prepare for your experience

5 Basics of Options

information covered

  • Basics of how options function

  • In the money and out the money

  • Premiums, rights, obligations, expiration

Convertible Bond Analysis

Information covered

  • Convertible bonds and how they work

  • Calculations used in convertible bond questions

  • Conversion ratio and conversion price

What a Mutual Fund Invests in

information covered

  • Specific investments of a real-world mutual fund

  • Differences in share classes and structure

  • Functions of a mutual fund

Discounted Cash Flow

information covered

  • An easier way to think of discounted cash flow

  • Why it's similar to winning the lottery

  • The math behind the rules

Exempt vs. Excluded

information covered

  • Definition and practicality of exemptions

  • Definition and practicality of exclusions

  • Comparison of exempt vs. excluded

Options - Long vs. Short


  • General options terminology

  • Relationship between long vs. short

  • How to visualize options transactions

What is a Bond?

Information covered

  • Explains the mechanics of how bonds work

  • A different way of thinking about bonds

  • Coupon, yields, maturity, trading


Information covered

  • Purpose of yields when discussing bonds

  • How to calculate Yield to Maturity

  • How to answer YTM questions without calculations